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Frequently Asked Questions

What income should I be able to average in my first year?

Depending on your prior driving experience, you should average between $55,000 and $60,000 gross.

What kind of miles should I average per week?

Our fleet average is usually around 2565 miles per week.

What do you haul?

We haul our own product (refrigerated chicken, beef, and pork) about 98 percent of the time.

Since you haul your own product, how many loads a week do you ship?

We ship approximately 15,000 loads per week, with our private fleet hauling approximately 6000 of those.

Are there any safety bonuses?

We have a quarterly safety bonus. There is an additional 1 cent per mile to all miles run in quarter. We also offer other incentives.

What is your turnover rate?

Our turnover rate is 23.5% as of April 2013. Our average seniority driver has seven years of service.

What are your preferred hiring areas?

Our preferred hiring areas are within an approximately 150-mile radius of our terminals, or within an area of Tyson Foods populated production facilities, and/or in a preferred traffic lane defined by our Operations Group. Please see our hiring area map.

How many trucks are in the private fleet?

We have approximately 970 trucks.

How many trailers are in the private fleet?

We have approximately 2,300 trailers.

How many drivers are in the company fleet?

There are approximately 1050 drivers.

How many total employees does Tyson Foods, Inc. employ?

We refer to our employees as Tyson Team Members, and we have approximately 115,000 worldwide.

How about home time?

You earn one day off for every six days out.

All of the above is subject to change.