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"My name is Dawn Craig and I have been an OTR driver at Tyson for a little over two years. A good friend of mine from high school, John Thomas, had been working for Tyson for a few years and encouraged me to apply for a job with them. He told me how it worked here, what kind of money he made and showed me what I could expect to make along with the other perks and benefits that are afforded a driver once they become a member of the "family". The initial call to recruiting was made and after speaking to Mike Franco for 45 minutes I proceeded to worry the fire out of him for three months in pursuit of the job I knew the Lord was leading me toward. It wasn't a given that I would be hired as they had no openings in my area of Tennessee but, persistence paid off and three days after my commitment to the other company was fulfilled, I was in orientation at Tyson Foods. So, let me take a moment to tell you what Tyson, and more to the truth their personnel, has done for me."


"In 2009 at 45 years old I was forced into a very difficult situation. My husband was going to prison for 10 years and I found myself alone and suddenly very much in debt. Six months later I moved back to Tennessee and began working for a pharmacy I had worked for years ago. I made fair wages but was still unable to keep up. I was encouraged by another good friend to try truck driving. Seeing no other option, in July of 2012, I went to a company where I could get my CDL and schooling paid for with a one year commitment. Although I was successful there I was still unable to make the kind of money I needed to climb out of the financial hole I was in. I joined the team at Tyson in August of 2013. Two years later, I have two pickup trucks and the only debt I have left are student loans and those are being steadily reduced plus, I have some money in savings for the first time in more years than I can remember. "


"The financial gain and the excellent benefits package are a good enough reason to work for Tyson Foods but let me tell you what means more to me than the money. The people who work there! I have had 7 different dispatchers since I started and every one of them did right by me and I will drive for any of them at any time. The recruiting department is full of kind and caring people more than willing to give drivers an opportunity to succeed. I won't take the time here to list everyone I consider a friend at Tyson because it would take too long. However, I do want to say something about the integrity of the people I work with. From the very first conversation with Mike, they have known my time with Tyson was limited and I would be leaving when my husband comes home. Some employers might be tempted not to invest too much time or energy on a "pass through" employee. Not the case at all here. They welcomed me for whatever time I could give them and have treated me like family. One day in the not too distant future I will no longer work for Tyson but the affect it has had on me will last my lifetime. I am proud to work for Tyson and even more proud and blessed to call these people my friends.

Jesus saved my soul but, Tyson saved my sanity."


Dawn Craig

Driver Trainer